At many offices, the tie is now regarded as optional. But for sartorial heavyweights, it remains an essential item. This is because they know the important role that the tie plays. It anchors your outfit, harmonising the colours, patterns and textures of your other garments. A well-chosen tie is a simple touch with the power to make a big impression.

So how does one go about mastering this timeless accessory? Two steps. First, you select your tie. Second, you learn to use it to complement the rest of your outfit. Here we guide you through the luxurious handmade styles in the T.M.Lewin collection – ranging from classic silks to elegant contemporary knits – and share expert tips on how and where to wear them.

Add punch with printed Italian silk.

A printed tie injects personality into your look. Woven at Italy's Bottinelli mill, our silk styles are soft to the touch and have a fine, smooth surface. You can opt for something classically refined, such as a geometric print, or be more daring with a bolder pattern like an animal motif. The key here is to make sure it complements the rest of your outfit. Use the pattern to add punch to a block-colour work shirt or call out the pinstripe of a suit.

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Rule in Italian wool.

Channel effortless continental style with our Italian wool ties, fabricated at the historic Barberis mill. Their luxurious wool material and understated woven effect suggest easy confidence. A wool tie is also ideal for the cooler seasons and the perfect match for suits cut from a heavier cloth. This combination of weight and texture lends a sharp edge to more traditional business looks.

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Go for contemporary knitted cool.

The knitted tie marks a modern approach to neckwear. It creates smart textural contrasts with the other pieces in your outfit and allows you to add a flourish without going all in on a bold pattern. It’s also remarkably versatile and provides a refined complement to almost any shirt. Its contemporary character means you’re free to dial it up or down depending on whether it’s a formal or casual occasion.

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