Evening Wear Masterclass.

A fine grasp of evening dress is a sign of the true sartorial master. It involves a display of dashing style, high confidence, and of course, a liberal sprinkling of charm.

In days of old, when the dinner suit reigned supreme, there was just one option. Today’s men are gifted with the freedom to experiment. Get set to step out in flawless formal style this party season.

Opt for
black tie style.

If you're attending a formal ball or professional gala, then tradition is your friend. This classic black tie look evokes the glamour of the golden age. Made from a wool mohair blend, it has a subtle shimmering quality that makes clear this is for the most special of occasions. The satin jets and lapels add to the old-school cool, while the slim cut gives the suit a neat modern silhouette.

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in midnight

Men today have more licence than ever to experiment with their evening wear. This dinner suit in deep blue offers traditional formality, yet stands out amid a crowd of black. Better still, blue has a refined appearance under spotlights – should you be accepting an award – and flashbulbs – should your high style attract discerning snappers. This shade is also aptly named – midnight blue – for revelling long into the night.

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in blue

If your party – as with most – is above all an opportunity to celebrate and indulge, this look should strike a suitably decadent effect. Crafted from fine velvet woven in Italy, the jacket has an exquisite plush quality, and has been designed with striking peak lapels.

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Step out in a statement suit.

There are certain occasions – think must-attend parties, big nights out – where you want maximum impact but a traditional dinner jacket just won't fit the bill. This statement suit is the perfect alternative. Its sharp skinny fit and dramatic lines will make an instant impression, while the shirt and tie, in rich burgundy, will add punch to your party two-piece.

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Make the night your own.

Confidence and personality are essential ingredients of suave evening style. And it's in the finishing touches that these really come to the fore. With well-chosen accessories, you can stand out against even the strictest, most traditional dress code. Put your own stamp on your evening ensemble with our silk bow ties, high-quality dress studs, fine evening scarves and more.

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